French Breakfast Radishes

Not all radishes are created equal. Some are round, some are long, some are pink, some are white. When I used to think of radishes, I would envision little round slices at the salad bar which were always quite spicy. I was first introduced to the French Breakfast Radish or les radis petit déjeuner when I visited St. Rafael in the South of France. They are a small and oblong and have the classic radish-pink hue, but with white ends. They are in season in late spring and early summer.

In France, the radishes would always serve as a refreshing appetizer before we gorged ourselves for the following 2 hours. I learned the proper way to eat them from a proper Femme Provençale. First, cut off the green tops of course and the long stringy root at the end. Next, cut the white end into quarters, leaving the top half in tact. Lastly, fill the quartered end with soft, creamy butter and sprinkle with coarse salt — Kosher or Fleur de Sel is best. Butter is the perfect complement to a radish because it calms the bite, and the salt highlights the flavor of the radish and the butter. Parfait!


post by Tiare Packard


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